Latest News

New Prints –  a brand new series of digital etching monotypes are available directly from the website for a limited time.
Conversazioni d’Arte – Klein will be presenting his work at the contemporary art conference in Noli on the Italian Riviera on 8 July 2016
Family Tree the first venues for this new exhibition have been confirmed. Portsmouth Cathedral and the Jack House Gallery.
The Tribute Tree sculpture
has raised over a million pounds for St. Christopher’s Hospice. All about Trees
The Story of a Family Man – a unique look at the new artist book in the form of a web page. Read it here, or have a look at the film here.

Moment to Moment – A story told in 120 sculptures in the touring exhibition.

‘Randy Klein seems to think in sculptural terms as easily and directly as the bird sings’ – John Russell Taylor, The Times

Painting the Beauty

The WOW moment. Sometimes, you might be walking down a city street you’ve walked down a million times before, but suddenly it hits you like a thunderbolt



Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and me. Printmaking, fakes and fine art.



The gradual appearance of leaves and the growth over many years enable us to identify with the life of a tree.



Everybody, not just artists, keeps a notebook or sketchbook. Mine always seemed to connect up into a little story. At first it was just a travel diary, a day at the fun fair or a trip across Canada in a bus.