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Tribute Tree  the tree sculpture for St. Christopher’s hospice has already raised over a quarter of a million pounds. Now a second sculpture has been commissioned by the charity. Read more here
Forty by Forty – group exhibition at GX Gallery opens 25 November and runs until 5 January 2016. More
The Story of a Family Man – a unique look at the new artist book in the form of a web page.
Art project at Lily Lane School – phase 2 is expected to be complete by December, 2015. Read about the project here

Keeping Sculpture Light

in believes sculpture can be light. Even the large scale public works allow the sky to penetrate. A narrative flows through all the work, adding a story to the physicality of the work. Most recently, in the story told in 120 sculptures in the touring exhibition, Moment to Moment.

‘Randy Klein seems to think in sculptural terms as easily and directly as the bird sings’ – John Russell Taylor, The Times
More about Keeping Sculpture Light


Everybody, not just artists, keeps a notebook or sketchbook. Mine always seemed to connect up into a little story. At first it was just a travel diary, a day at the fun fair or a trip across Canada in a bus.



IMMORTALS – new works by Randy Klein
GX Gallery, 1-19 September 2015
43 Denmark Hill London SE5 8RS


Art and Transcendence

Begin from zero. From nothing. Like a field with fresh snow where no one has walked and you take the first steps. And this is the beginning of a new life.


The Inferno and the Supermarket

…which brings me back to thinking about the Divine Comedy of Dante. In Dante’s time, like our own, there were corrupt politicians and greedy bankers too. But he had a solution for this – to send them into the bowels of hell.


Coney Island Artist

“Always carry a sketchbook with you”.
“Waiting for inspiration to strike is OK. Just make sure there’s a brush in your hand and you’re standing I front of a canvas when inspiration strikes”. – Robert Henri